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Red Rhino 7000+ széria



Red Rhino 7000es széria törőgép

Red Rhino 7000es széria törőgép



The 7000 Plus has a jaw opening of 700mm x 400mm.

  • Powered by Deutz 70hp Diesel Engine
  • Fuel consumption only 10 litres per hour
  • Wireless remote control system (optional cable)
  • Output can range from 15mm to 140mm
  • CE Marked

Material: Can crush concrete, kerbstone, marble, paving slabs, bricks, tiles, blocks, stone, porcelain, flint, gravestones, etc.

Grizzly bars in the vibrating feeder remove the fines from the crushing process.

These crushers are ideal for waste transfer stations, skip companies and plant hire companies who have limited space.

Output: up to 45 tonnes per hour has been achieved but operating conditions, size of the product and operator efficiency can effect the output

Optional Extras

  • Magnet Conveyot to remove the rebar
  • Motorised screener
  • Non Motorised screener

Throughput 45 tonnes / hr

Dimensions 7600 (long) x 2200 (wide) x 26200 (tall) mm

Weight 10000 kg




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