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Red Rhino 3000es széria



Red Rhino 3000es széria törőgép

Red Rhino 3000es széria törőgép

The 3000 series has a jaw aperture of 500mm x 250mm.

Its crushes a full UK kerbstone in approximately 30 seconds.

Material: The 3000 series will crush concrete, kerbstone, marble, paving slabs, bricks, tiles, blocks, stone, porcelain, flint, gravestones, etc.

Output : Output can vary according to jaw setting, loading method, loading equipment, input material, and familiarity of the loading operator. In excess of 15 tonnes per hour has been achieved.

With the same output as the 5000 series, it is big enough to tackle even the most demanding jobs with ease. It can be either mounted on a 3 Point Linkage (tractor) using the host machine’s hydraulics, as a stand alone ‘skid mount’ unit run on electrics or by either a diesel or petrol power pack or a trailer mount configuration

Throughput 15 tonnes / hr

Dimensions 2750 (long) x 1240 (wide) x 1960 (tall) mm

Weight 1740 kg



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